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Your Global Automation Experts

Leverage the latest in automation technologies to improve production, quality and safety across your enterprise.

Smart Factory Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions

Improve performance, increase quality, address safety, manage your assets, visualize real-time data, and reduce costs with our connected, IIoT solutions designed for today and tomorrow's  Industry 4.0 operation.

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Automation Technology

Automation Equipment

Automation equipment and technology from PLCs and sensors to industrial mobile carts and cabinets to drones and robots to industrial carts.  We can help you design the right solution from our wide portfolio of solutions. 

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Services & Support

Services & Support

Our experienced team can help you evaluate your environment and craft tailored solutions to implement and support your industrial automation technologies to improve overall business performance. 

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Increase Productivity by 15% in Under 30 Days.

Starting at under $5000/machine, Amtech Automation's ScoreKeeper Solution can improve efficiency, motivate crews, and allow you to make immediate proactive decisions.  

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ScoreKeeper Digital Signage

From the shop floor operations to top floor executives, Scorekeeper can help keep production on track and optimize OEE (operational equipment efficiency), by monitoring any production process that can be counted linearly and visually displaying performance, in multiple languages, through digital signage, computer consoles, and mobile dashboards and analytics.  Web-based and in real-time, you can have the data you need to make decisions and improvements now.  

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Cameras, Sensors & PLC Machine Monitoring

As a total solution provider, we can provide you with the right vision and machine monitoring solutions that includes industrial cameras, vision systems, PC-based cameras that are scalable to your business.  Tight spaces, high-speed imaging, and high resolutions are just a few of the options we provide to ensure you have optimal production performance and quality. 

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Industrial Carts, Cabinets & Arms

Whether you are in need of receiving carts or industrial cabinets to protect your IT investments, we have the solutions for your demanding industrial needs. 

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Amtech Automation's portfolio of industrial carts, cabinets, and arms optimally perform in your most demanding environment.  From stainless steel for clean rooms and aggressive wash down areas to heavy industrial production environments, we can match you with the right configuration for your needs including:  production/industrial, warehousing, distribution, retail, pharmaceutical, food processing, military, transportation/logistics, OEM, energy, and much more.

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Are You Getting the Most From Your Data?

The Amtech Automation family of intelligence solutions will empower your enterprise, in real-time with operational data, business performance information enabling actionable knowledge and business transformation.  Combine your many data sources into a single data warehouse environment to quickly view and analyze the performance of your business and operations with historical, current and predictive analytics and data. 

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Effectively Leverage IIoT

Discover changes you can make to reduce costs, increase output, and stay ahead of the competition with connected technology throughout your entire operation delivering data in real-time. 

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Drones, Autonomous Robots & CoBots

Bigger productivity gains and efficiency shortcuts are just a few of the benefits your business will gain by leveraging IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) robotic and drone technology.  Safe and environmentally friendly, these technologies are contributing to significant growth and profits in the industrial landscape.   Unlock the value that drones and robotics can add to your business and embrace the world of tomorrow.  

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Drones Robots & Cobots

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